Healthy Child Programme

Iceni Healthcare provides three key elements of Norfolk’s 0-19 Healthy Child Programme in partnership with Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust (CCS).

These work streams are:

  • an all-new School Readiness Check for pre-school children, developed with CCS health professionals and delivered in practices during existing child immunisation appointments. This review intends to capture information about key aspects of a child’s progress and enable parents to discuss any concerns they may have about child development, with a view to signposting onwards to the appropriate service if necessary.
  • an innovative School Profiling system which generates health ‘footprints’ of school populations using anonymised data extracted from GP and community health records such as incidence of allergies and certain health conditions. The results will help prioritise health education topics for teaching and support health service provision in school
  • a new Needs Profiling process to help identify children, young people and their families who may have additional health needs and put in place tailored preventative and early intervention packages of care.

The response to the School Readiness Check has been very encouraging to date. 96% of parents/carers say they are likely to recommend it to friends and family. Nearly a quarter (22%) said they would do something different as a result such as look at healthier eating options, make a dental appointment for their child or spend more time reading with them to improve their conversation.

Currently 92% of practices are signed up to the School Readiness Check and more than 140 nurses have received training to deliver the service.