Occupational Health

Iceni Healthcare has partnered with UEA Medical Service’s Occupational Health Service (UMS Occupational Health) and has agreed to apply a 10% discount for all Iceni Healthcare member practices who wish to join the service.

UEA Occupational Health is situated in Norwich for easy access from all areas of the county and the University is well served by public transport, and the Occupational Health Service also provides free parking. Many aspects of Occupational Health services can be undertaken electronically or via telephone, for example pre-employment assessments. Referrals for face to face assessment will need to be seen onsite in Norwich; should there be demand for an offsite clinic in the future UMS Occupational Health is open to consider this, already being an OH provider to private offsite contracts.

If you would like to join please contact lbristow@icenihl.co.uk for a Statement of Intent form, or if you require further information please don’t hesitate to contact Iceni Healthcare on 01953 425726.

Practices can, of course, continue to use any alternative Occupational Health providers if they wish to do so.