Young People’s Health Passport

Iceni Healthcare is creating a Young People’s Health Passport in partnership with Cambridge Community Services. This is a mobile phone app that provides useful information and advice to support young people’s health, and also gives them access to their personal medical history.

It covers topics including travel, festival safety, drug and alcohol advice and information on how to cope with depression, bullying and eating disorders. It will signpost young people to organisations that can offer further support and it gives them access to their personal health records including their immunisation history, repeat medication and diagnosed conditions.

We have carried out a survey and workshops with young people to test the app’s design. We discovered that the 15-18 age group was most likely to use the app. They reported finding it easy to navigate and gave lots of helpful feedback. Of 132 young people surveyed, 86% said the information on the app was useful. We hope to launch it in January 2018.